May 29, 2020

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Loved it! Ok, the concept for the show is not entirely new or groundbreaking. Black Mirror sort of did it first but I loved the twist, the twist of being able to connect via Virtual Reality with the dead on the cloud. If you consider them “dead”, that it.

It was funny, and surreal, that the companies would of course charge extra for a better-looking set of pants or that you would have bandwidth caps with those living in the cloud servers.

The main character acting is not earth-shattering but that’s ok. I think the special effects are rather cool for a tv show.

The only thing is I feel the plot did not advance as much as I wanted. It seems they did not give it enough importance to the fact that he might’ve been murdered. Not sure how I’d feel if I know I had been killed. I suppose I would want to seek justice.

UPLOAD has been renewed for a second season, looking forward. Well done Amazon.

What do you think?

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