The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor 4x4

November 25, 2020

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Is it just me or Shaun is doing giant leaps? Like he’s growing a lot personally. Now he’s teaching, he’s already found his way of doing it (with the advice from others but still).

The new recruits a breath of fresh air and I’m liking a lot the senior residents in their leadership position.


I also like quite a lot how Morgan stepped out of being a surgeon and he’s doing general medicine. I respect that. But I’m guilty of finding amusing that the coldest person of the pack is not in a somewhat second tier. Important as well for sure, but feels like (from the outside) a demotion.

Moving in together

Love to see them so happy but I know this is a drama tv series. I’m scared for their future, please don’t destroy Lea and Shaun. Let us, and them, enjoy this a while longer. Give me drama for other characters. Shaun has had enough, he deserves a happy home.

What do you think?

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