The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor 4x2

November 17, 2020

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Good! I like how they did the little explanation at the beginning. I enjoyed the escape from reality, an hour away from the pandemic, masks, and COVID.

I find very interesting the new phase our main characters are entering in. Senior residents who are meant to teach now. The whole interview process (and shadowing) was amusing.

The best approach? Park, no doubt. Very pragmatic, having to work with someone no less than 80 hours a week… you better choose wisely. (side note: working eighty hours a week should be illegal).

How about Dr. Lim and her evil plan? Loved the twist there. It was all part of the test.

I felt very emotional to see Shaun apologize to Lea. How far he’s come! Saying he wants to hug her? C’mon, remember the first season?

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