Sword Art Online - Alicization

Sword Art Online - Alicization 1x1

August 03, 2020

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47 minutes episode, what is this?!

I just discovered this season by sheer luck. The episode is quite chaotic. You start in a new world where Kirito is clearly a kid. Then you jump to a new world (with guns) where he uses the lightsaber (we already saw this in a previous season) and then back to reality.

You would think that this guy has learned his lesson. Nope, he still wants to be in harm’s way. He almost died countless times by playing the stupid game that now he wants to continue helping the companies create new experiences and possibly more fatalities. Sorry but this dude has a death wish. Good for us because otherwise, we wouldn’t have a series to enjoy.

Back to the main plot, it would be super scary to not remember what you’ve done in the VR after waking up. I wouldn’t do it.


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