Squid Game

Squid Game 1x1

September 20, 2021

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Very surprised by this series. The episode starts rather slow but it’s necessary to build up the main character.

At first, I couldn’t help but think the dude is total scum. Stealing money from her mother to go gambling, that’s the worst. It’s not like he does anything to redeem himself. He makes some cash and returns it, still, he’s total scum.

I like how the story is full of mysteries, not sure hw much they’ll tell us. Who are these people, where are they, what’s their end game? I guess some sort of gambling of their own? To see who’s going to win?

Even though we’ve seen similar things such as Battle Royale from Takeshi Kitano and The Hunger Games I think this one will be a little bit different. More of a game that will eventually lead to team-playing to survive rather than player killing. They’ll probably need each other in the following games.

What do you think?

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