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Racket Boys 1x1

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THat's a long episode 1,25h felt like a movie but went by pretty fast.

I dared to visit IMDB's page and was shocked to see a 1.6/10 rating with 26K votes. Very strange because the reviews do not look that bad. They look very polarized though, some people love it, some people hate it.

They say something bad happen to the show on episode 5. We'll see. So far I'm liking it. The father (Kim Sang-Kyung) I've seen in another drama and played well. So far he doesn't disappoint.

The story so far it's fresh. How can they make a badminton game look so epic? The lights, the music, the camera angles. WEll done, director.

A nice breath of fresh air from the classic Korean Dramas. Not about high school or university, suicide, and love triangles.

All good under the sun, let's go.

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