Lupin 1x1

January 10, 2021

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First episode of this French show. I knew the character, I think I even saw some episodes of the Japanese animation made after it.

I immediately recognized Omar Sy from The Intouchables. The name of the show kind of gives away what’s going to happen. I didn’t know the pace it was going to take, it seems each episode might be a heist?

A little bit predictable, we don’t know the character but he already showed off hidden habilities. Like when the thugs were about to throw him over the railing but then used martial arts to free himself from a grab easily. There you could tell he’s more than what meets the eye.

Now that we’ve seen what he’s capable of we can predict more awesome twists. Or perhaps the show is going to take another direction.

So far so good, I’m sold. Let’s go.

What do you think?

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