Haikyuu!!: To the Top

Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2x9

November 28, 2020

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Very impressed with this episode. Very well animated, strange jazzy background music and the rest. Where do we start?

Atsumu dirty tricks

Those magic sets, not even fair. Reminds us of Oikawa.

His brother doesn’t get as much TV time but is as good. No doubt. Respect for the game well played and not being a shmuck about it.

Nice receive

Finally, all the hard work being the ball boy, all the jumping and trying… it paid off. Kageyama’s reaction to it was priceless first the “nice receive” and then when Hinata asked him if he saw the receive he has an internal battle to end up saying “nope”. Very funny

Things to look forward to


The preview for the next one shows Oikawa, no doubt so it’s our guess we should see him somehow and Kageyama might get the spotlight here. He’s been doing great in the match, as usual, with great services and sets. However, I feel more is yet to come. Kageyama has to step up and match Atsumu in his own way.


We’re also missing some Tsuki spotlight, some killer blocks are about to come. He’s now reading their attacks very well but hasn’t had a moment. It’s coming.


I’m sure we’ll close off the season with Hinata, evolving, even more, to become the little giant we’re all eager to see. We’ve seen nice attacks but something is missing, a rally where Hinata shows off his unbreakable spirit and tenacity, where we’ll push beyond exhaustion to jump once more and store the point.

I wasn’t super excited for this season in the beginning, how the hype is real.

Haikyuu 2x9

What do you think?

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