Giri/Haji 1x1

November 26, 2020

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Very surprised by this show. Felt like a movie, 56 minutes long, and very well produced. Excellent photography, lots of night shots, raining scenes…


I love the genre, I’ve watched quite some movies from Takeshi Kitano. This TV show however looks nothing like it. So far we’ve seen a glimpse of the yakuza world. I’m not sure how much they’ll focus on it.

The main character is interesting. At first, he looks just like any other regular detective, living with his parents, wife, and daughter under the same roof. Something I’ve learned is not common in Japan.

The brother troublemaker and the big brother, the detective, who’s used to save his ass. Even if that means doing something illegal. It seems the detective has even killed for this brother, to cover for his mistakes. If he’s done that there are no many things he won’t do for him.

Welcome to London

I might have preferred if all the action happened in Tokyo but I see the appeal of having this foreigner detective find his way in the English capital. A detective who, by the way, speaks great English.

I’m on board, will watch more.

Giri/Haji 1x1

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