Das Boot

Das Boot 2x8

July 19, 2020

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Is this the season!? Too open!

We can see how Wrangel received what he deserved. Poetic justice that the knife that supposedly has ended his life (we don’t know that, that mans is hard to kill), was Hoffman’s.

As well as the French asshole. Oh yeah. Too bad they did not show how the prisoners must’ve lynched him to death as soon as the doors on the train closed.

The Criminal Inspector showing a little bit of humanity, still nothing will excuse his actions and hopefully, the karma will get back to him eventually. Sending all these people to the camps or to the firing squad. Don’t bullshit us. You’re enjoying the French cuisine as well as the wine, you even bought a house (or so he said). Following the law, don’t make me laugh. You invade a country, based on what law? Based on what a political party said you should do and you followed. Orders you say? Right…

I’m sad for Hoffman, to have endured so much and to have such an open ending. From my perspective, he would stay if she asked him to. Otherwise yes, he would sail back to the motherland. I had high hoped he would’ve come back and court-martial the hell out of the old crew.

What do you think?

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