Das Boot

Das Boot 2x1

July 13, 2020

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Very good to see Captain Hoffman. How will he get back? I guess he will but against his will? I can’t get into his mind but seems to me he could get used to NYC very quickly. I wonder though if his allegiance was with the Nazi cause or just following orders for his country. He could very well be not against other races.

Simone… I want to see her die, I’m tired of this woman. Her attitude… How could you go back to work for that man? After he tried to rape you and you nearly killed him? Wouldn’t it be better to run or, by the time she stabbed him, let him die instead of helping him? I guess she did it for the hostages, but then she condemned herself. You could see it differently. You could argue that by killing the Inspector she was not killing hostages. In the end, the hostages were being killed by the angry germans, not by her or her actions.

Yet again I find myself wanting more submarine action and we didn’t get much this episode. Looking forward to how the transport of the “cargo” will evolve once they’re in the open sea.

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