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January 02, 2021

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Cobra Kai Season 3

Alright, here’s my review for Cobra Kai season 3. I thought I’d make just 1 review for all the episodes instead.

Goes without saying, the following review is rated S for Spoilers.

Great comeback. I didn’t like the second season very much, it was getting too dark for me. The first season was fantastic but by the end of season 2, I needed the show to take a happier path. Luckily the third season delivered.

Johnny Lawrence

The true Karate kid, great acting from William Zabka. How he feels responsible for Miguel’s accident, even though I don’t think he was. Yes, teachers, instructors, and masters are the ones trying to guide students to walk their own paths. Eventually, the student’s actions are their own. I can’t help but feel the blame is shared. He might’ve not been the best teacher but he’s now making amends. I love the turn he does, and well… Eagle Fangs Karate? Badass name, no doubt.

We got to see Johnny with Miguel’s mum, finally taking a step further in their friendly relationship. We did not get see much in the last episode but I guess more will come in season 4.

Cobra Kai Season 3

Daniel LaRusso

Oh yeah, the old Karate Kid gets his hands dirty this season. The trip to Onikawa was full of nostalgia. Was not super interested until Chozen appeared. That was very nice! The secret scroll techniques? Priceless.

I do like Daniel’s teaching style but you gotta see it doesn’t always work. I like how he realizes this and tries to find a compromise, joining forces with Eagle Fang at the very end.

Cobra Kai Season 3

Robby Keene

We have to spend a minute talking about Johnny’s son. What’s wrong with this dude? We all can see how his father is not the best role model but Robby is not even trying to see how his father is fighting to change, to do the right thing. I can’t tell you what I would do in Robby’s situation but perhaps try to be more understanding.


Best student of the year. He’s so loyal. Loyal in the sense that he’s not just blindly following his sensei. He challenges him when he feels like it’s the right thing to do. I love how we got to see Miguel yell at sensei Johnny “Quiet!” during this season. The reversal of roles!


One confused kid. He struggles with what’s right and what’s wrong all season until he realizes he’s been walking the wrong path. Don’t you think Dimitri forgave him too quickly?

Sam LaRusso

I gotta roll my eyes here. I don’t like this character. I do see how she struggles with complicated situations but she dug her own grave. Double-dealing with Miguel and Robby? Not being straightforward with neither. It didn’t feel like she put too much effort when Robby was detained. Sent some letters and fell into Miguel’s arm again rather fast.

Elisabeth Shue as Ali Mills

Now, this is a character I can get on board with. Loved the chemistry she brought in the few scenes she starred in. It doesn’t feel we’ll get to see more of her next season. Even if she worked so well with Johnny I hope he makes up his mind and goes back to Miguel’s mum.

The house fight scene

Wow, beautiful long one shot of the main fight. I appreciate the direction and production here. It’s not the best martial arts sequence we’ve ever seen, certainly the best of the three seasons, but I do appreciate non-martial art professionals doing it so well.

Key takeaway

This season’s takeaway is that fighting will get you everywhere.

Don’t know how to get out of a situation? You fight. How do you make friends? You fight. How to make enemies? You fight.

I’m surprised they just get away with a few bruises after so many kicks to the face. Well, all except Dimitri and Miguel.

Fighting is the solution to everything in this season. Love it!

Season 4

Can’t wait for the next season, they’ve set up the stage for the tournament. The logical path is that the good guys win but who knows, I’m sure it will have its ups and downs. The joined forces of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fangs… looks like it will be entertaining to watch. The teaching styles will collide, it will be fun.

Cobra Kai Season 3

What do you think?

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