Oblivion (2013)

Oblivion (2013)

December 07, 2020

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I love these sci-fi movies with unexpected plot twists. This one is a good example.

The post-apocalyptic scenery, the lack of information, the plausible plot, and Morgan Freeman.

It’s interesting that the ship, the AI, the aliens were capable of mass cloning Jack and Victoria but weren’t capable of wiping out the whole human race with certainty. Sure, Earth is a big planet but c’mon. Perhaps they didn’t want to damage the natural resources too badly.

They don’t explain, or I didn’t understand, how come Julia arrived 60 years later. Was the transport drifting through space until the beacon call it? How come mission control back on Earth (at the time of the incident) didn’t recall the transport down?

The pool

Can we talk for a moment about the scary-ass pool they had in the house. Up in the air, made with transparent material… Who would swim on that? I’d pee myself just to look down. How could you sleep at night knowing you were hundreds of meters off the ground. I get sweaty palms just to think about it.


Good movie, not great but would recommend it if you like the genre. How come Tom Cruise has had multiple characters named Jack across different movies? It can’t be a coincidence. Does he ask for it when signing the deal? “Ok, I’ll do it but my character will be named Jack”.

What do you think?

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