No Time to Die

No Time to Die

November 15, 2021

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Goodbye Mr. Bond!

I think I had read this was Daniel Craig’s last film as 007 but I had forgotten it.

Midway through I thought, this is a 4-star movie. Classic Bond. Car chases (with the gadgets!), the girl, the spy doing his thing. Very entertaining.

Then it got super long, like very long. I was about to drop it and continue the next day. I guess it’s somewhat interesting to see this more human, emotional side of 007. Still, I don’t know… I didn’t like the end. But how could’ve you done it differently? I guess dying for love it’s better than just saving the country or killing the villain. Which in this movie has a very strange role. Almost no appearance and not scary. Not super groundbreaking either, just steal government secrets to sell them for profit (?).

I expected way more from the gorgeous Moneypenny or the stunning Cuban spy, a breath of fresh air. Sadly only for 10 minutes, I had really hoped she would stick around. No joy…

I got a bittersweet taste after seeing it. It’s a must if you’ve been following the saga, especially with Daniel Craig.

What do you think?

Ricard Torres

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