Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

July 17, 2020

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This one is not as good as the other Ip Man movies. It does not feature Donnie Yen, still, the fights are decent. Again, not as great.

It also stars Dave Bautista which doesn’t work very well in this one. These directors from Hong Kong seem to love to add foreign actors to their movies, maybe to make them more appealing? Not to me. I would prefer an Asian Kung Fu master arch-enemy instead of this. The fighting style is so different that it makes the fights less interesting.

I found even the fights among the other Chinese actors than the final match.

All and all you should give it a try if you’ve liked the Ip Man franchise. The plot is very thin but just focus on the fights, this is what we’ve come to watch.

What do you think?

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