January 10, 2021

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Reviewing this three years after its release date. I’m very impressed with these animation movies, how far they’ve come. They look fantastic.

I liked Coco, the movie is charming, quick-paced, and delivers a happy ending. Before watching it they told me it was sad. Well, it touches on life and dead but I think their approach works nicely. It didn’t feel sad, especially because there’s “life” after dying.

I’m unfamiliar with this Mexican tradition, I hope they made it justice without straying too far from the truth and now we all know a little bit more about it.

The main character is very likable, who hasn’t tried to pursue something at some point just to have other people reject the idea just because of their ideas.

Recommended? Yes! It’s not a musical, in case you’re worried about too much singing. I’m surprised how well the songs work mixing English and Spanish.

What do you think?

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