Beckett (2021)

Beckett (2021)

August 13, 2021

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The plot starts very intriguingly. How does the protagonist end up in the middle of a kill on sight order. Who is after him? Why?

It’s interesting until about halfway there, when the dude gets to the embassy. For some reason, they’re also crooks and paid by the mafia to overthrow the current government? I would’ve liked some more thought into this, maybe it was part of US foreign policy to help that radical group, but simply money? I don’t buy it.

Also, the way the whole thing was presented, it was a little bit stretched. Would’ve Beckett recognized the boy while going back to the US if they would have not tried to kill him? I don’t think you would pay much attention to that. The corrupt cop should’ve just said “yes, they’re fine, thanks for asking.” End of story. The dude goes back to the US with his girlfriend’s body.

What about the last scene where the dude jumps like 3 floors over a moving vehicle, as if James Bond himself, after being shot in the torso a few seconds before. Not to mention the man was running non-stop for the past few days. Superhuman strength! I guess the power of “doing what’s right” gave him the push he needed to complete his mission 😂

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