A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men

August 17, 2020

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Finally. Apparently, this movie is a classic. For good reason. Stands above the average crap that is being thrown at our faces nowadays.

Interesting to see Tom Cruise young again, although you could never tell in 2020 that he is 58. The dude hasn’t aged a day.

I was somewhat forced to watch this movie. I’ve been re-watching the TV Show Suits and in several episodes, they make a bunch of references to the film. I felt I was missing out.

Good movie from start to finish, it evokes quite some thoughts on the military and having a personal moral code, beyond what others might think, say, or order you to do.

The character development is also interesting. The main character who might’ve taken the short way out of most of the situations in his short career, in the end, decides to do what he thinks is right. Even if that might have severe consequences for him. He puts the freedom of two men who were following orders (orders they should’ve never followed in the first place) beyond his future as a lawyer.

What would’ve happened if the two soldiers would’ve said no to the Code Red? Would they have been stuck for promotions for refusing to follow illegal orders? Would the officers have taken two other soldiers to complete the deed? Could they have fought the system in any way? Not an easy answer. They might’ve been stuck career-wise but at least they would still be serving their country.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes.

What do you think?

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